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This part of the site lists all of the ECoS-related literature that I am aware of. It is organised into three sections: Algorithms, which are papers that primarily deal with ECoS algorithms; Applications, which are papers that primarily deal with applying ECoS algorithms to solve problems; and Comparisons, which are papers that compare the performance ECoS algorithms with other algorithms. Links to online versions of papers are being included on an on-going basis, as are new ECoS-related publications.  If you are aware of any publications or links that you think I should include please let me know at the following address: papersATecos.watts.net.nz.

BibTeX source files for each of these pages are available: Algorithms.bib, Applications.bib, Comparisons.bib. They are also available in RIS format: Algorithms.ris, Applications.ris, Comparisons.ris.

Overview Publications

Kasabov, N.K. “Evolving Connectionist Systems: Methods and Applications in Bioinformatics, Brain Study and Intelligent Machines”.Springer, 2003.

Watts, M.J. A decade of Kasabov’s Evolving Connectionist Systems: A Review. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part C - Applications and Reviews (2009)  39(3) 253-269 (PDF reprint).

Recent Publications

2011 - Gopalakrishnan,K. Knowledge-based evolving connectionist systems for condition evaluation of sustainable roadways: a feasibility study. Interntional Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics. 1(2) 125-142.

2010 - Seed, P.T., Chappell, :.C., Black, M.A., Poppe, K.K., Hwang, Y-C., Kasabov, N.K., Shennan, L., Wu, S.H., Poston, L. and North, R.A., Prediction of Preeclampsia and Delivery of Small for Gestational Age Babies Based on a Combination of Clinical Risk Factors in High-Risk Women. Hypertension in Pregnancy.

2010 - B. Woodford, Automatic Optimization of pruning in Evolving Fuzzy Neural Networks using an Entropy Measure. Proceedings of the IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN’2010) as part of the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI’2010), 18–23 July, 2010, Centre De Convencions Internacional De Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, IEEE Press, 2010, 1053–1059.

2010 - P.M. Ciarelli, E. Salles and E. Oliveira, An Evolving System Based on Probabilistic Neural Network, Proceedings of the 2010 Eleventh Brazilian Symposium on Neural Networks.

2009 - S. Schliebs, M. Defoin-Platel, S. Worner, N. Kasabov, Integrated Feature and Parameter Optimization for Evolving Spiking Neural Networks: Exploring Heterogeneous Probabilistic Models, Neural Networks, Volume 22, Issues 5-6, 623-632, 2009

2009 - H. Widiputra, R. Pears, N. Kasabov, Integrated Feature and Parameter Optimization for an Evolving Spiking Neural Network, in: M. Koeppen, N. Kasabov, G. Coghill and M. Ishikawa (eds) Advances in neural information processing, Proc. of ICONIP 2008, Auckland, Springer LNCS-5506, 1237-1244, 2009

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