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EFuNN Tools in the ECoS Toolbox

These tools allow for the creation, training and recall of Evolving Fuzzy Neural Networks (EFuNN) and the extraction of fuzzy rules from thes networks. The EFuNN tools currently included in the ECoS Toolbox are:

CreateEFuNN - creates a new EFuNN structure
TrainEFuNN - trains an EFuNN on a data set
RecallEFuNN - recalls an EFuNN
MakEFuNNLbl - creates a variable and MF label file that can be edited to give meaningful names to the variables and MF in extracted fuzzy rules
REEFuNN - extracts Zadeh-Mamdani fuzzy rules from a trained EFuNN
RIEFuNN - inserts Zadeh-Mamdani fuzzy rules into a new EFuNN structure

Maintained by Dr Michael J. Watts