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Fuzzy Tools in the ECoS Toolbox

The fuzzy tools listed here are intended to tbe used to support the extraction, insertion and evaluation of Zadeh-Mamdani fuzzy rules from EFuNN and SECoS by creating and manipulating fuzzy membership functions (MF) and rules. The fuzzy tools currentl included in the ECoS Toolbox are:

MakMFLbl - creates a label file that can be edited to specify meaningful names for fuzzy variables and MF
MakMF - uses a label file to create fuzzy MF
GetNumMF - lists the number of MF attached to each variable
FR2MF - extracts the MF from a fuzzy rules file
mPlotMF - generates MATLAB code that will produce a plot of the specified MF
SFIE - the Simple Fuzzy Inference Engine, performs fuzzy inference, used to evaluate the fuzzy rules extracted from EFuNN or SECoS

Maintained by Dr Michael J. Watts