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SECoS Tools in the ECoS Toolbox

These tools are for working with Simple Evolving Connectionist System (SECoS) networks. The tools support their creation, training, recall and the extraction of fuzzy rules. The SECoS tools currently within the ECoS Toolbox are:

CreateSECoS - creates a new SECoS structure.
TrainSECoS - trains a SECoS over a data set.
RecallSECoS - recall a trained SECoS.
SECoSFRE - extracts Zadeh-Mamdani fuzzy rules from a SECoS using external fuzzy membership functions.
SECoSFRI - creates a new SECoS from Zadeh-Mamdani fuzzy rules.
GetSECoSEx - extracts the exemplars within a SECoS structure and saves them as a data file.
CompileSECoS - compiles a trained SECoS network to a code file in either C++, C# or Python.

Maintained by Dr Michael J. Watts