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ECoS Toolbox

The Evolving Connectionist System (ECoS) Toolbox provides a set of Windows command-line tools that implement and support several ECoS algorithms. The intent of these tools is to allow for experimentation with ECoS, and to support data mining via the extraction of fuzzy rules. These tools are free to use, but for the time being will remain closed-source.

Download the toolbox here (11.2 MB zip file, last updated 8 March 2016). A PDF user guide (229 kB, last updated 8 March 2016) is available.

Applications in the Toolbox

There are currently six groups of tools currently within the toolbox (click on a group name for a listing and brief description of each):

Data tools for formatting and manipulating data sets.
EFuNN tools for creating, training and processing Evolving Fuzzy Neural Networks.
SECoS tools for creating, training and processing Simple Evolving Connectionist Systems.
NECoS tools for creating, training and processing Nominal-scale Evolving Connectionist Systems.
ECM tools for using the Evolving Clustering Method.
Fuzzy tools for supporting the extraction of fuzzy rules from EFuNN and SECoS networks.

Maintained by Dr Michael J. Watts